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An IB Education for all

Welcome to AIS

AIS is an International IB World School in the heart of Aarhus.

The school was founded in 2011 and between 2022-2024 we expanded our Dalgas Campus in Aarhus C, to accomodate the growing demand for a strong international, English-speaking school. 


In these pages you can read more about the different programmes:

– EY (Kindergarten ages 3-6)

– PYP (Primary ages 6-10)

– MYP (Secondary ages 10-16).


You can also learn about the IB and what an IB education means for your child, the different clubs and facilities we have on campus as well as where our students go after graduation. 

For further information, we have these info videos that explain a little more about what you can expect when you join AIS. 

Early Years (aged 3-6) PYP1-3 (Kindergarten)

Bushøjvænget 133
8270 Højbjerg

Dalgas Campus (aged 6-16) PYP4-MYP 5

Dalgas Avenue 12
8000 Aarhus C

Admissions office:

Welcome to EY

Welcome to PYP4

Welcome to MYP1

Life after AIS