Welcome to the AIS Library

About the library

With more than 12,000 titles available, the AIS library has much to offer students and members of the school community

The AIS library at the Dalgas campus is a hub of activity, assisting PYP and MYP students in their searches from leisure reading materials to resources in support of learning and project activities. Whether visiting the library as a class or independently, students characterize the atmosphere to be attractive and inviting.

Library services are also extended to the Early Year’s children at the Bushojvaenget campus on Wednesday afternoons from 13:00-15:30 to encourage their excitement about reading and exploring new horizons. Resources are also made available to all teachers and classrooms to extend learning activities tied into the curriculum.

While the majority of the titles are in English, the AIS library houses smaller collections of books and resources in Danish as well as in a number of the other major international languages as is reflected by the make-up of the student body.

The AIS library operates under the supervision of a library technician who also publishes updates and many helpful resources on the school’s website. Students and parents are encouraged to visit this website and avail themselves of the information available.

Welcome to the AIS library!


Opening Hours (Dalgas)

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

08:00-11:45 & 12:15-15:30




08:00-11:45 & 12:15-15:00

Opening Hours (Bushøj)



Search our Library

You are always welcome to come down to the school library and browse the selection of books on our shelves. We have lots of different genres and categories, in many different languages, to help you find the book that captures your imagination.

Navigating the Online Library Catalogue

Are you looking for something specific, or want to browse our selection at home? You can view our library catalogue online

To reserve a book online, you will need the log in details provided to you by your homeroom teacher. If you do not have one, or have lost yours, please contact or see ms. Taryn in the library who can issue your log in details.

Once you are logged into the main AIS library page, you should be able to see the school building image. Above the image, in the centre of the page, you can click on the link “Aarhus International School”.

This will take you to the main library catalogue. You will need to sign in with your details. Once you are there, you can browse the books and resources by clicking on the icons.

Library Events

Book Fair

Every year, the school holds a Book Fair, selling English books from Usborne, Scholastic, Hachette & Co. This is a good way of increasing your home library and encouraging children to read more.

Bookopoly Reading Challenge

This was created primarily to encourage students to be a bit more diverse in their reading choices. This has become a great hit amongst the PYP students, competing to complete as many books as possible to gain their reward at the end of the school year.

Book Week

Every Spring we go a bit further celebrating books – we have a week long event with many activities involving both the PYP & MYP students. The Book Week includes D.E.A.R (drop everything and read), reading challenges, treasure hunts, designing posters or book covers and many more fun activities centered around books.

Author/topic of the Month

Every month there are books displayed, either by a specific author or a particular topic. This is a great way of introducing new authors / topics to improve literacy and knowledge.

Library Resources


A platform used to enable students to practice their vocabulary.

Link to Language nut


A digital teaching, learning and assessment service.

Link too Kerboodle



A digital teaching, learning and assessment service. Students can practice different subjects and keep track of their progress.

Link to Quizlet 



Is a game-based learning platform designed to be used on any device, language and to be used by anyone.

Link to Kahoot