The mission of AIS PTA

The PTA is all about a strong sense of community and involvement.

We foster 3 key values and principles:

✔️Respecting each other

✔️Caring about each other

✔️Being Responsible to and for each other

Download PTA Constitution – Online version

If you have any suggestions, ideas or questions, please contact any of us or email the committee at

Early Years (aged 3-6) PYP1-3 (Kindergarten)

Bushøjvænget 133
8270 Højbjerg

Dalgas Campus (aged 6-16) PYP4-MYP 5

Dalgas Avenue 12
8000 Aarhus C

Admissions office:

What the PTA does

The PTA at AIS is a special group. Being part of the PTA strengthens the school community so that your child can recieve the dynamic, holistic and supportive education of an IB school.

As we are an International School, our PTA also functions as a support to new parents. Moving to Denmark can feel confusing and hard to navigate. Luckily, our PTA is here to provide advice, support, socialisation and networking for newcomers to the country.

PTA Major Events

Throughout the school year, the PTA organises several major events to enrich school life and to bring the community together. These major events require a huge amount of support and team work, and what our PTA is able to achieve is nothing short of phenominal! 

The PTA manage everything from event planning to event execution, cooking and baking, decorating, face painting, dressing up as santa, even bringing their own pizza truck – you name it, the PTA does it!

Below are some images from some of the larger events, to give you an idea of how special our PTA is.

How you can get involved!

A community thrives best when people all chip in.

That is the essence of our PTA. No matter how big or small you can contribute, the help you give our PTA will not only benefit your children, but will give you the space to enjoy the cultural diversity of our school and make lasting friendships.

Here are different ways you can be part of the PTA:

✔️Become a member of the PTA Committee

✔️Help for events
prior to each event, information and a call for help will be sent out via the weekly Newsletter

✔️ Arrange food, competitions and games for different school events

✔️ Volunteer to share your language and culture

✔️Sign up for specific tasks

✔️Share Ideas, make suggestions. We are ready to listen and to make it happen together!

To get involved in any of the above ways, please email the committee at