Teachers are given an exciting opportunity to have a guided tour around the two new school buildings


As we reach the end of the first term for this school year, we are getting even closer to our new school building opening. Whist we can see the construction progressing from the outside through the school windows, there has also been lots of exciting things happening on the inside. Whilst many of us have had a look at the building and architect plans, it is very different to standing inside the new buildings and being able to fully realise and visualise the space. As such, some teachers took the lucky opportunity to see what is happening behinds the walls, on guided tours around the two new learning space: the kindergarten and the new MYP building.

The new MYP building will consist of three floors of classrooms, built in a circular shape around an atrium. There are plans for a performing arts space, kitchen area, staff room, MYP common room, library, PE/gym area and new ASA building. The MYP classes will be scattered around the three levels in their new and spacious classrooms. In the basement, there will be space for storage, bike and staff parking. It was really interesting to climb up the different levels and imagine what it might look like filled with the students who will have the up-to-date and improved classrooms that they have been waiting for. There was definitely a feeling of air and brightness as we walked around the different locations.

The Kindergarten building began construction a little earlier than the MYP building, and already signs of real classrooms are beginning to emerge where the walls have finished plastering, and some had even progressed to the painting and decorating stage, with the electrics being fitted into the walls and flooring coming next. The kindergarten will consist of two floors, with multiple outdoor playground areas, a kitchen, performing arts space and wet and dry rooms. Each classroom is spacious with an adjoining playroom/learning space. In a similar design to the MYP building, the classrooms are formed around a central atrium space, where the large staircase is the focal point, where one teacher also pointed out would also make for a great location for photographs and reading books.