Please indulge us while we let you know how amazing our MYP5 Danish  A final-year exam results were.

In fact, the average score was phenomenally high – a 10.1 out of 12. This is well above the average of most Danish  school which last year was 7.1. This score also beats some of the other International and private schools in Denmark , and is the best score we have had at AIS ever.

One student received 12 across the board. Three students received ¾ 12s. In the spoken exam, 9 out of 12 students received the top mark of 12, and in the writing all marks were 7 or above. This is absolutely astounding, and we could not be more impressed by these students. What is even more impressive, is that 3 of the students had moved up from Danish B, a very hard and uncommon feat, making their transition from language acquisition to literature even more noteworthy.

What can we say about this amazing group of students? They are dedicated, and diligent, they work hard, and push and support each other to be their best. They were determined to achieve their goals and worked incredibly hard to achieve them. Mr Tobias, their Danish teacher, has known some of these students for 10 years now, and he is incredibly proud of the journey they have made. This result is not just a show to say that these students are amazing. It is a testament to their work ethic and something that their peers should take inspiration from.

These results are also a huge holistic team effort – something important at AIS. These students could not have excelled as much as they did, without the huge support and backing of their parents and other MYP teachers, who have helped challenge their thinking across multiple disciplines and ensured that the students were ready for these exams.


So MYP5, before you say goodbye to your time at AIS, we wanted to celebrate your success just one more time.