On Friday 12th April, a very lucky group of MYP and PYP8 Student Council members got a special tour of the new building.


This tour was around the new MYP building, which will be their new classrooms, learning spaces and homerooms next school year. Students gathered with Mr Lars, the manager of the AIS Ejendomsfonden and responsible for the new building One Campus project, Mr Gene MYP 5 homeroom and student council organiser, and Ms Amelia, responsible for PR and communications. After a safety talk, and dressing up in helmets, reflective jackets and saftey shoes, the students walked over to the new school building, down around the back of the current building where the former MYP building used to stand. There was a collective ”woow!” as we walked together into the new building.

As this is a building site and an out-of-bounds area, this was the first time that any student had seen inside the building. For the last two years, they have witnessed trucks, lorries, cranes, deliveries, builders, electricians and more coming in and out of the space that they will soon call their homerooms and classes. However, it was a much different feeling seeing it inside than just what is visible on the outside.

”Look at all the space” was a recurring refrain amoungst the students, who could not believe their luck when they visited the new rooms. This will be the new performing arts room, this is design, visual arts, the canteen, the french room, the English room, our new homerooms.

The tour ran over time, because there was just so much to explore. The new building boasts more space, better facilities, better views out towards the sea and so many things that the students were eager to see and ask questions about. It is definitely a stark transformation from the old, one storey corridor MYP building. Now they have 3 floors of classrooms with views out towards the sea at Tangkrogen and forest areas at Marselis. Even though the building is not quite complete yet, the students got to imagine what the spaces might become – especially new spaces such as a home economics kitchen area, a performing arts dark room, a atrium entrance space, a new common room.

The sudents were also making a short video to share with their classmates later, and we all look forward to being able to use these spaces properly soon in the new school year.