The parent community showered AIS with their generosity during the Ramadan celebration


It is an annual tradition at AIS that we celelbrate the beginning of Ramadan with a big party in the big gym, hosted by our parent community. 


This year was not to dissapppoint. The turn out was nothing short of phenominal, with parents, staff and students from all three programmes – EY, PYP & MYP – coming together in a rare moment that unites the entire school. This could not have been achieved, were it not for the amazing work from our parent volunteers, who spent time, effort and resources preparing, researching and creating lots of activities and treats for the students and their parents. 

Generosity is definitely the word to describe the dedication in which parents contributed to enrich the lives of our students. it was a wonderful moment to reflect upon the huge diversity in our school and appreciate that while we may be from over 40 different countries, there is much that unites us. 


Parents had prepared infomation videos, quizzes, music, football tournaments, arts and crafts, face painting, candyfloss and popcorn machines and a banquet of delicious food and treats for all. Moreover, every child went home with a gift. 

We want to say a huge thank you to Servile, who organised and orchestrated the parents coming together with decorations, food and activities. We want to thank Oznur, Makhin and Sacid for creating the quiz and video presentations. We also want to thank all the parent volunteers who donated food and time to the envent. And finally thank you to everyone who came.

Please see the video of students as they share their warm wishes for Ramadan