As you may have noticed, AIS is starting to look a little different than it did last school year, and even since the beginning of this school year. Here you can have a read about all the progress that has been made so far.

It is remarkable how things can change and develop so quickly. At the beginning of the school year, we returned to quite a different looking school ground. There were diggers and trucks. There were new pavilions to explore. There was a different looking playground. There have been lots of changes to get used to. And as the weeks have gone by, the final structures of the old MYP building and Art Corridor came down. For many of us at AIS, that was the biggest change. That half of the school held many memories of art with Ms. Faith, Winter performances with Mr. Cameron, entering MYP for the first time and being introduced to Ms. Kathryn, the final days of AIS for MYP5 with Mr. Gene. All special moments to cherish. But with change, there also comes the excitement of new things to look forward to. And now we are one step closer to seeing our brand new school become a reality.





At the beginning fo the school year, it was very exciting to watch as the demolition team very quickly and effectively took down the school building where the art corridor and MYP building used to be. Many of the PYP students were fascinated by the changes, watching in wonder as walls tumbled to the ground, brick by brick, and big cranes tidied away the debry into big green containers. The school building around where the art corridor and MYP building was, has now been completely demolished, and the area has been cleared down to the concrete. It may seem like things have slowed down a bit, and it is true that we can enjoy a moment of calm as there is no more building to demolish. However, things are always in th works and within the next 6 weeks, we will start to notice the final checks and preperations being made underground, before the building work starts on the foundations. It will be very exciting to be able to get a little sneak peak as we watch the new school being built before our eyes.