Pause. The moment of stillness amongst the chaos.

Pause and look.

Pause and think.

Pause and enjoy.

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th April 2022, we ended a very busy Spring Term with a momement of fun, creativity and reflection. Our PYP department came together for their long-awaited Art Festival, having also been put on pause due to Covid.

The exhibition was a student-active project, displaying a collection of the students’ art, as well as being run and curated by the students themselves. Through a mix of visual and performance art, the festival was a collective expression of themselves…

– Who are we?

– Where are we in the world?

– How can we share this planet?

Their work was on display for the AIS community to visit, and we welcomed Ghita Warrer from BørnekultureAarhus who came and adjudicated their artwork, and presented her award winners at the Da Vinci Awards Performance and Ceremony. All the costumes and artwork were made and designed by the students, based on the diverse backgrounds in the school.

A huge amount of hard work was put in by students, teachers and parents, and not in the least our brilliant Visual Arts Teacher Ms. Faith, whose vision managed to bring the whole thing together in such harmony.

The theme of this year’s festival was “Pause” and how we can continue to move through space and time, even when the world is in a moment of pause. A lot of fun was had by all the students, and all were impressed by their hard work and beautiful artwork on display.