Ayoe Larsen from Aarhus International School wins DM in Danish.


WOW – was the jury’s word when 15-year-old Ayoe Larsen from Aarhus International School won first place in Danish in the Danish Championships in school subjects on Friday.


Jens Raahauge, Chairman of the Board of the Danish Teachers’ Association’s House, explained why Ayoe Larsen’s texts stood out: “All five judges exclaimed WOW! It stands for well-written, well-worded and well-functioning with good considerations and ideas – a dazzling answer to a task that was a pleasure to read.”


Ayoe Larsen herself was surprised and very happy when she received the award:


“I was very surprised and of course really happy that they liked my lyrics. I usually write something that I would like to read myself and that you can relate to as a young person. So I wrote about how you can be bullied for being a little different. But then I put some imagination into it. For example, I removed all the colors and gave them all the same clothes to tell the story of why it might be more fun if we are a little different, ”says Ayoe Larsen about the task where she had to write a chapter for a book, a back cover text and a debate post.


It is the second year in a row that the DM in Danish goes to Aarhus International School.


Ayoe Larsen attends Aarhus International School and last year’s winner in Danish Caroline Hansson did the same. It is not exactly a given that students from Aarhus International School should take the prize in Danish. All teaching aside from Danish is in English, and many of the students speak little or no Danish when they come to school.


“Of course, we are extremely proud of our talented students and happy that they can show that we, as an English-language international school are also proficient in Danish”, says Danish teacher Tobias Jakobsen.


For Ayoe Larsen, it is not difficult to switch between Danish and English. “For me, it is natural to switch between Danish and English. My family has lived in China. But I am proud to win in Danish, now that I use English so much in everyday life.”


In addition to first place in Danish, another two of the thirteen students who qualified in Danish were from Aarhus International School, and Sheena Woodvine from the same school won bronze in history.


Over 5,000 school students from 191 schools took part in the Danish Championships in the introductory round of the subjects during the autumn. Last week, 480 of the most talented competed for the digital national championship in the school’s subjects.


Today we are dedicating our post to the wonderful parents who do so many wonderful things for our school community