As a school we are so proud of all of our students. Tuesday 14th December was the National Championships in Danish and we were delighted to hear that 5 of our students have qualified this year.

Gaia Krause-Jensen

Skjold Gustafsson-Sherson

Katinka Maigaard

Emilie Hansson

Rasmus Rimmen

They had to solve three tasks. One was foundational skills of Danish; grammar, vocabulary, knowledge of important people, spelling. Second task was to write a blog post to an art website about an art painting, it’s message, significance and contribution to society and which of the three paintings they would choose to have in their home, which room and why. The 3rd task was to comment and give feedback on another students’ blog post. It’s the third year in a row, that Emilie Hansson qualifies.

The final is February 1st. Well done to you all.