Congratulations to our MYP 5 leavers class of 2023 for their amazing exam results

We are proud to announce our MYP5 IB exam results for 2023. The students did immensely well. In nearly every single subject, student scores matched or exceeded the world average, some by a whole point or point and a half.
As you can see from the graph, French and German did very well as foreign language subjects, and this is especially impressive as French and German is often a third or fourth modern foreign language.
The core subjects of maths, English and science all exceeded the world average by at least 1 point, with maths demonstrating a strong academic standars. From elective subjects, both design and music also scored very high
The class also did very well in their personal projects. Last year the students held their exhibition quite early on in the academic year, so these results are a testiment to their hard work, dedication and focus.
Across all subjects, the distribution of the top three marks of 5 or higher (good-excellent) was just under 85%. In addition, in comparison to the results from last year, it shows us that students at AIS are consistently scoring high marks that are well above the world average, and that each year there is an improvement being made by students.
Our leaving class of 2023 are this week settling into their new schools where many are continuing onto the IB Diploma programme, or Danish gymnasiums and these results will put them in good standing for the next years of their educational journey. They should all be immensely proud of what they have achieved.
A huge congratulation to Ms Kathryn, Mr Gene and the whole MYP team that has helped support these students achieve these phenominal results.