As many of you will have no doubt noticed, things have been developing quite quickly since the beginning of this term when we came back from the winter holidays. It is hard to believe that we are now in March and about to finish for Spring Break!

Those of us in the ASA room or have a view overlooking the back of the school, will have witnessed much pf these changes. The dramatic removal of the old school car park, and the two trees that were situated in that area. The the area was then dug out into what some have described as a giant swimmingpool, and has recently been pebbled over to create the flat ground that you can see now. It has been really mesmorising to watch the different types of diggers and trucks that drive up and down the little ramp. Speaking to one of the teachers at the International Nursey School down the road in Marselis Boulevard, she told me that their morning walks always come past the building site, and the children love watching the diggers at work. It is the most exciting highlight of their day.

The new cameras will help us keep track of what is happening!

Now, in the back corner towards the field, the area where the MYP building used to be, you can see the walls growing every hour as the new Kindergarten building is built up.

This progress can go very quickly sometimes, and it can be hard to remember how things used to be, as the building works become the new normal. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful parents of two of our PYP4 & PYP2/3 classes, we now have a camera fitted in their appartment that overlooks the building work, with a second camera on its way. These cameras send us updated pictures everyday, which you will be able to view in the link below. So, it will be a great way to keep track of the progress, and see just how quickly things are developing, as well as give us a brilliant arial view of the project, that we are so priviliged to be able to see.