Our new school playground is now open and ready for use during breaktimes

What is this? A new playground at our Dalgas campus?
Over the summer holidays, whilst we have been away from school, the workers have been busy transforming our old playground that was missing a little bit of love and care, into this amazing new playground.
We are so lucky to have such a fun and exciting new playground. There are so many new features to explore, with stepping stones, a roundabout, a climbing wall, a slide, monkey bars, a mirror and so much more. There are also two sandpits to play in, a chalk board and a throwing game.

All this week the students have been super excited to try their new playground and play on all the new equipment. Each class all the way from PYP4 up until the MYP classes, have taken it in turns to be out on the playground and explore all the high and low points around the playground.


The two highlights have definitely been the roundabout and the climbing frame and slide.


Parents have commented on how much better it is and how nice it is for the children to have a more modern, fun and exciting playground to play in. There is so much more space and so much more colour.