Read the two Two ebooks created by our PYP5 students, Natalie Redd and Zoya Anam

Writing a book can be no short task and something that has taken many authors many years to produce. But not for our two PYP5s. Natalie Redd and Zoya Anam one day decided that they were going to write a book each for our library. And they did just that!
They used their own initiative, took action, and used their own creativity to produce, design, write and illustrate two new books for our school community to enjoy. We are amazed by their can-do mindset, and they should both be immensely proud of themselves. You can see their book in the library and also read the e-book version here.

Well done Natalie and Zoya!

The Lion wants to make friends

 by Zoya Anam

The Mysterious Burger

By Natalie Redd