Today we are dedicating our post to the wonderful parents who do so many wonderful things for our school community

We are very lucky to have such a great school community at AIS, with such dedicated parents who have put in a lot of their time and effort to help enrich the lives of our students, to bring us all together, and to help build our school’s ethos of caring, responsible and respectful.

Over the last couple of months, our parent community and PTA have been super active to reignite all the fun events and activities that have been put on hold for the last couple years during the pandemic.

Halloween & Winter Fair

It was so great to see our PTA in action to transform our Big Gym into a spooky Halloween party and a magical Winter Wonderland. It always amazes us how quickly they are able to transform our school gym into something completely different. There were stalls and games all organised, and we were even lucky enough to get a visit from santa. It was amazing how the PTA gathered all the students, families and staff together, to give us all the opportunity to get to know one another better.


Chinese New Year

We are also very lucky to have parents who are willing to share their culture with us. One of the privileges of being at an International School, is that we have friends who are literally from all over the world, and who bring with them a wealth of different experiences that we can all learn from and engage with. The Chinese/Lunar New Year celebration, is one such example of this, and brings together not just students but families too. The Chinese community at our school, came together to present a whole assembly on the myth behind the New Year, why people celebrate this festival and to perform for us different songs and dances. The parents spent time with the children to teach them the dances and the songs, and to tell them the stories that they had grown up with. They also got the PTA and staff involved so that every student in the school could decorate their own lucky bag, which was filled with mandarins and chocolate coins, to wish us all heath and prosperity in this Year of the Rabbit.


Mother Tongue Volunteers

Throughout the year, we have also been so lucky to have parent volunteers to run our Mother Tongue Language club. Every 2 weeks, parents dedicated their time to come in and teach, speak and share their language with students. As an international school, we house a lot of different languages under one roof (in fact, we are over 20 different languages). However, as the language of school is English, the Mother Tongue Club is an important way for students to socialise with their peers across the whole primary school who speak the same language as them. Each club has also had two opportunities to share their language with the rest of the school, during the Mother Tongue Assembly and Book Week, reading a translation of H. C. Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl”.

Thank you to all our parents who make our community such an enjoyable and fun place to work and learn in. We look forward to many more events coming soon including our Ramadan/Eid celebration and our International Fair.


If you want to find out more about our PTA or how you can get involved, please contact Lydya at